Price: $50

Booking is essential: Please email us to book your space:

 Time: 2PM-4PM

Where: BRAVE Yoga, 732 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North, 3068 VIC

Who is this for?

Anyone who is beginning their yoga journey and wants to ensure proper technique during their yoga practice. The goal of this workshop is for students to feel comfortable and confident to attend a yoga class and practice key postures safely. This workshop can even be for regular practitioners of yoga, who want to improve their yoga performance and technique.

Learn how to:

  • Break-down and detailed explanation of correct alignment in each posture in both Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B series
  • Explanation and practice of a ‘Vinyasa’ safely with proper technique and adaptions according to level / injuries
  • Clarify and practice the foundational ‘fire yoga breath’ otherwise known as Ujjayi breath – the main breath used during Hot Power Yoga.
  • Discover techniques and skills for injury prevention caused by repetitive yoga movements.
  • Explain correct engagement of muscles and cues such as; ‘relax the neck’, ‘engage the feet’, ‘telescope the ribs’, ‘pelvic tilt’ and why these are important in a safe yoga practice.

What can I expect:

  • 2 hour discussion and practice of the foundations of a good yoga technique
  • Booklet breaking down the main yoga foundational postures, with cues on correct alignment which you can take with you
  • A fun, uplifting class, where you will interact and work with others in the group
  • Meet other new yogis!

What should I bring?

  • Water bottle
  • Towel: We ask everyone who is using the studio mats, to bring a towel to cover their mats for hygienic reasons. If you don’t have one, you can hire one for $3.00 from the studio or we sell them for $35.00 if you plan on coming more regularly
  • We have mats at the studio, but if you want your own you can bring it!
  • Bring a pen and a notepad to write down notes if you wish

 About Claire: Co-Founder of BRAVE Yoga Australia

Claire is an experienced 300HR trained Yoga teacher, also with a full Personal Training accreditation and 7 years of Les Mills Group Fitness teaching experience. Claire also has a strong scientific and medical background developed through 8 years working in the Biotech Industry.

Claire has a genuine passion to help people and created BRAVE Yoga to spread health, fitness and happiness with as many people as possible. Her goal is to use her knowledge of functional anatomy to adapt traditional yoga postures to suit the modern Western body-type. She also focuses on the use of meditation and breath as a solution to many common modern-day complications such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, negative self-talk, stress and low self-esteem.   

Booking is essential: Please email us to book your space on our Workshops website page, or email us @

See you soon on the mat!