What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a modern style of Ashtanga yoga that combines traditional yoga practice and breathing techniques with modern anatomy. Power Yoga was created in America in the 1990’s by a range of yogis such as  Beryl Bender BirchBryan Kest, Baron Baptiste and Larry Schultz to adapt traditional yoga to Western bodies. So you can expect yoga movements that allow for use of props, more strength conditioning, friendlier movements for tight western knees, hips and backs. Western bodies spend a lot of time sitting, so Power Yoga has adapted to suit some specific Western needs. Power Yoga is a ‘vinyasa’ style class, but you may notice longer holds and a greater focus on strength conditioning!

From my classes you can expect functional yoga movement that is anatomy and strength focused – so expect to grow your strength and flexibility after regular practice! I am a qualified personal trainer and I incorporate a lot of anatomy knowledge into my teaching, including some Pilates moves for a balanced movement and strengthening.  I always give options for yoga poses, so you’re sure to feel comfortable at whatever level you are. 

Most importantly I focus on making classes approachable, playful and fun! So this is not a serious class, you can sit out anything you like and also laugh… a lot… as much as you like. 

I recommend you try a few beginners yoga classes first, and see how you feel. if you feel comfortable and confident, then you can start some ‘all levels’ classes!

I hope to see you on the mat 🙂


What do I need to practice yoga?

In India, traditional yoga was done on a thin rug or even the bare ground! So don’t let the marketing hype fool you – you do NOT need fancy mat, leggings or crop tops to do yoga!

Do you have a body? Then you can do yoga 🙂

What props do I need to do yoga?

Again, you don’t NEED these yoga props to practice yoga. These are just optional tools that can enhance your yoga practice.