10 controversial questions about

Hot Power Yoga

You may have heard the claims? ‘Get toned, lose weight, build lean muscle and increase your flexibility’ through Hot Power Yoga…

Or ‘reduce stress and anxiety by increasing mindfulness through yoga, breath and meditation.’

But is it true? Let’s ask the scientists…

We wanted to answer some common burning questions about Hot Yoga so people feel more confident to come and try our classes. Hot Yoga isn’t scary and intimidating, it is for anybody and everybody who wants to improve their quality of life!

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga? The heat allows an increase of blood circulation, detoxification through sweat, warms the muscles to deepen your practice, introduces cardio benefit for the heart (makes it harder!). It also makes you FEEL amazing afterwards!

Why is 25-32 degrees the perfect temperature for Hot Yoga? This temperature mimics a warm day (imagine in India where yoga originated), without being overheated and risking heat exhaustion.

Will Hot Power Yoga help me lose weight? Studies have shown yoga to improve body composition(1). Hot Power Yoga will build lean muscle and functional strength (5) which means you to burn more calories as you increase your muscle mass (6)! (Yay!) Yoga will also improve your mindfulness around eating and improve your relationship with your body and food (meaning you stop eating when you are full and make healthier food choices because you love your body!)

Will Hot Power Yoga make me more toned? Yes, with a regular practice, yoga will build functional muscle mass through weight bearing exercise (5)(6)

Will Hot Power Yoga make me fore flexible? One of the most important aspects of yoga is to improve flexibility, and Hot Yoga allows you to stretch deeper and get results faster than in a cold room.

Will Hot Power Yoga help my anxiety or depression? Findings suggest yoga can help reduce depression and anxiety, particularly as life stressors increase (2)

Will Hot Power Yoga improve my mental health or medical condition? Yoga practice is shown to assist in the management of many different health issues and medical conditions (3) as well as improve mood and feelings of wellbeing.

Will Hot Power Yoga help my brain? Yoga has been shown through many clinical studies to increased overall brain wave activity through breath, meditation, and asana postures (3). It is recommended that yoga can be used to help us age better (4).

Will Hot Power Yoga help me sleep? Yes, studies have shown yoga can improve sleep patterns (1)

Am I better off going to the gym or going to yoga? Evidence suggests that yoga interventions appear to be equal and/or superior to exercise in most outcome measures. In addition, there are other benefits in yoga not found at the gym – such as breath regulation and mindfulness.


We can’t cover everything here, but we tried to cover some of the leading questions people ask when new to Hot Yoga.


The best way to answer these questions is to try it for yourself.


So email us @ info@braveyoga.com.au and come to try your first class at no cost.