Hot Yoga Melbourne

Yoga originated in India where the climate is warm / hot during many months of the year depending on the region. In the 1970’s yogis from India brought the concept to the west of heating a yoga studio, in essence making the environment in the studio more reminiscent to that of their native India. The benefits of this during the cold months in Melbourne are numerous. Our hot yoga studio in Melbourne elevates the heart rate which in turn makes the body work harder. The body sweats more which is believed to be detoxifying.

The hot yoga heat also helps the body move deeply and safely into the postures.

Hot yoga in Melbourne is a more intense “work out” yoga, which helps people who want to develop strength and flexibility at the same time giving a cardiovascular workout.


$49 Yoga Intro Offer

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INTRO OFFER*: 1 Month Yoga: $49*
DROP IN CLASS (Beginners): $20
10 CLASS PASS: $170
MONTHLY AUTO-RENEW MEMBER: $31 a week ($125 a month)
YEARLY AUTO-RENEW MEMBER: $22 a week ($1,150 a year)


* Intro offer is a one-time only deal for new customers only