At BRAVE, we are driven by a genuine desire to help people.

We want people to improve their health, discover their inner power and be the best versions of themselves. 

We pride ourselves on the community we are building here, we want this to be more than just a place you come to workout. We want you to feel like you are coming home.


Do you know someone who deserves a break?

We would love to offer someone in our local community a free 1 year membership to BRAVE YOGA. We want to spread yoga to those who need it, maybe can’t afford it, or who wouldn’t come on their own accord so need a little helping hand to get involved.

Please write to us and nominate a friend, or nominate yourself, and tell us your story as to why this years membership would improve your life. 

Entries close 31 December 2019. 

We will credit this person with an UNLIMITED BRAVE membership starting 01 January 2020.

We will run this yearly. The scholarship will be given to a new person each year.