Brave Yoga is committed to your health and safety during this COVID-19 crisis. 

We have implemented various processes to ensure we can all practice in-studio safely.  We are continuing to assess the situation and have strict cleaning procedures which will also be placed on our website and at front reception. 


Can I come to physical classes?

If you are a full paying member, you will be able to book physical classes. 

If you are on a digital membership, you can only book virtual classes. 



Can I still book digital classes?

Yes! All classes will still run live streaming, if you miss out on a physical slot, you can dial in from home. Full members can also book virtual classes if they wish.


Guidelines for members:

The below guidelines have been written for transparency and to give you an understanding of our expectations of you to practice physically at Brave.

Please contact us with any questions:


Facebook / Instagram / YouTube @ Brave_Yoga_Melbourne

Phone 0478 815 185


By practicing at Brave you agree to abide by these terms

  • Upon entry and exit to the studio you must sanitize your hands (spray available at the front door)
  • Students and teachers should wash their hands before leaving home
  • Please use the toilet at home before coming to the studio to reduce everyone’s risk 
  • Refill your water-bottles at home (no use of water fountain to minimize risk)
  • No props will be supplied in studio (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets) but members can bring their own props if they wish. All home props must be cleaned before bringing them into studio and must be taken home with them after practice
  • Sanitised mats will be supplied in the studio and placed in specific locations and must not to be moved. This is to abide by government regulation of 4 square meter rule and 1.5m apart. If a member brings their own mat, it must be cleaned before coming into studio and replace a mat in a specific location in the space
  • A hot yoga towel must be used to practice and must be washed regularly by its owner (Even if you bring your own mat, we ask you to use a towel for hygiene purposes). Towels are for sale in-studio if you do not have one.
  • No physical contact in studio; hand shaking, hugs etc
  • Social distancing will be maintained where you must aim to be 1.5m apart
  • No physical adjustments by teachers, or walking around the studio during class for everyone’s safety 
  • No heavy breath-work like lions breath, bhastrika, kapalabhati, or breath of fire will be practiced in studio 
  • Limited spaces in-studio requires pre-registration. A maximum of 9 students will be able to book for in-person classes.
  • You must cancel 24 hours before class. Due to the current climate we have implemented a cancellation policy
  • If in-person spots are all booked, members can still do the class via online
  • Students are not to come into studio if they feel unwell or had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last two weeks, or feel unwell in any way (example; headache, sore throat, fatigue, coughing, loss of smell, sneezing)
  • Tissues, wipes, and hand-sanitizer will be available in multiple locations in the studio. Please flush these down the toilet after use or put them in the bin immediately for everyone’s safety
  • Brave Yoga staff will disinfect floors and mats after every class
  • We encourage a touchless experience at Brave (door to enter will be slightly ajar – push the door open with your elbow or foot to enter the studio. Teacher will open the doors to the studio space before and after class for you)
  • During class you are encouraged to stay on your mat
  • Please minimise what you bring with you to studio. Be mindful not to put your things close to others in the studio space (use a different cubby) 
  • We are working on implementing an air-filtration system before 22 June. This will filter the air, renewing the entire studio space with fresh air every 15 minutes
  • Temperature: We will be practice at a lower heat for this period, around 25 degrees or ‘room temperature’
  • Under the government recommendation, we encourage everyone to download the government app called ‘COVIDSafe’ – if you are contacted by the government about being in close proximity to anyone with COVID-19, please self-isolate and not come into the studio for at least two weeks for everyone’s safety 
  • After class: We know it’s exciting to be back in the space and we are a lovely friendly community, but please try to leave the space promptly and continue chats outside the studio whilst physical distancing
  • Please try to stay 1.5m apart, and try not to all huddle in the reception area after class as we do not want to get in trouble or reported by people passing by
  • Staggered entry and exit: We will have ½ the people with their clothes stored at the back of the room and ½ at the front. Exit will be staggered to ensure there is no crowding in the front reception
  • If you wish to chat, please continue the chat outside so the reception is free for those putting on their shoes

Feel free to read the government guidelines: