At Brave, we feel grateful and privileged to have a highly educated, dedicated, approachable and friendly team here to support your yoga journey. Whether you are a newbie, or experienced yogi, we have a crew of teachers who can support your needs.

Take some time to read the bio’s of our teachers and some short videos telling you a little more about them. We believe in connection, we look forward to get to know you better!


My physical yoga journey began 10 years ago, but has truly grown to be so much more than that. Using yoga is a powerful tool for both healing and growth, it has immensely changed my life both on and off the mat.

I cannot wait to share this with you!

Mind-body connection is of great importance to me and I feel we can truly heal when actively releasing and simply letting go. Through the practice of meditation, breath work and physical asana (poses) we can move towards freedom in our body freedom in our mind! I am forever grateful for the practice of yoga and truly believe it is for every-body.

I will continue to be a student and teacher of yoga, it first began with a 200HR in India, Dharmsala. Which led to an 800HR with Byron Bay Yoga Centre, Melbourne, Australia.
Come flow and breath with me, See you on the mat 🙂 


I found yoga in 2007 as a means to relax and to compliment my dance practice at the time. After the first week, I realised Yoga is far deeper and meaningful than just an hours stretch and workout. It’s a way of life. Now after a decade working in stressful corporate environments alongside extensive global travel, I’ve found Yoga to be the one constant in a transient and dynamic world. It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven, throughout all the chaos and chatter that life brings, a home-coming and a way to reach inner peace with no other tools than that of our own mind & body.

Completing 350hr Hatha Vinyasa teacher training in Perth at Yoga Space as well as volunteering with local community groups who don’t have access or the resources to yoga, I grew a passion to help those in need. As well as teaching yoga I spend the remainder of my time working in community services.

After completing an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course in 2017 I developed my teachings to always bring it back to the mind and how unity with the body can create a focus on inner stillness and hopefully the attainment of freedom through moment to moment awareness helping us all along the path of freeing ourselves from suffering. The human condition I believe is traumatic itself, through yoga we can manage the trials and tribulations that life can bring. 


Claire is co-founder of Brave Yoga. Her positive and playful method of teaching will get you energized to work hard during the peak of a class, but sure to take you through a blissful chill-out journey to finish. 

Her modern-day alignment and anatomy focused yoga philosophy means that she believes everyone experiences yoga poses differently in their body, according to their own anatomy. So expect options, intensity, laughter and the breaking of traditional yoga stereotypes!

Claire has had a strong historic foundation in health and fitness lasting over 10 years as a qualified Personal Trainer, Les Mills RPM instructor and yoga teacher. Claire completing her first 200HR Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training in London 5 years ago with Dylan Ayloo. Her other Teacher Trainings experience includes Yin and Forrest Yoga.

Read more about the yoga journey from both Claire and Ross (Founders of Brave Yoga) in the ‘About Us’ section.


Gillian’s love for movement started as a child where she was a keen enthusiast of gymnastics, callisthenics combined with other dance mediums and outdoor sports. This led her to have educational interests in Fitness Training in her early Twenties while living in Melbourne.

She later discovered Pilates in 2005 with her own personal practice which developed into a passion while living in London UK.Through continued practice and understanding how Pilates can benefit injury prevention and general well-being she pursued a career in movement.

After completing her Pilates Diploma with Polestar Pilates in the UK, she went straight into full time teaching in London working in fitness and rehabilitation. Gillian has returned home to Melbourne and continues to pursue her passion in teaching Pilates for general fitness, well-being and rehabilitation on all bodies.

She has interests in Pre and Post-natal and continues to further her development studying ‘The Franklin Method’ and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Gillian is qualified in the disciplines of mat, reformer and studio Pilates. Get ready to work and smile whilst doing it!


As a former competitive swimmer I came to Yoga as a way to prevent injury, I soon discovered that Yoga was also an antedote for the stress of a corporate career and fell in the love with the calm and clarity it gave me.

I am a 200 hour-RYT trained in Forrest, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Pre/post natal Yoga. I am currently studying a BSc in Psychology, and am passionate about integrating breath and joyful movement to unite, body, mind and spirit. I believe that yoga is for everybody with a body, and work with students to find a struggle-free way of meeting themselves on their mat on any given day.


Wes first began experimenting in Yoga as a way to manage stress effectively during his experience in the corporate world.

Upon completing his Vinyasa 200hr Teacher Training in Amsterdam, Netherlands, he decided to embark on a new journey teaching Yoga whilst studying Psychology.

Meditation is a core component of his Power Vinyasa based classes. Wes combines elements of pranayama (breathing) techniques with dynamic movements in a energising, welcoming and playful fashion.