We are very grateful for all of the kind words we have received from our members.

Teacher: Rohima Member: Emily Comment: Always fantastic and exactly what I need 🙂

Teacher: Claire Member: Mubarak Comment: Great Class as always

Teacher: Bronte Member: Micaela Comment: Absolutely fabulous class – wonderful way to start the day! Thank you Bronte

Teacher: Shannon Memeber: Micaela Comment: Love Shannon’s class – always leave feeling like I’ve had a great work out, grounded and standing taller

Nicole Schneider

Gorgeous, bright and airy studio with a good variety of classes for beginner to advanced yogis. Staff is very friendly and the flows are always good! Every time I come here I leave with a smile on my face 🙂


Perfect yoga place. Perfect people. 👌😌

Clay Nayton

Really nice space and classes are pitched perfectly for providing a good workout while maintaining the traditional tenets of yoga. The owners and teachers are very warm and welcoming people too. This place is a great find.

Nina Schroeder

I can recommend this studio to anyone. Especially to people living in and near Fitzroy as the studio is extremely community focused. You can easily meet your neighbors. The teachers are divers and have all a unique style to their flow, which I appreciated! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to be part of brave as long as I was living in Melbourne. Good luck.

Jess Radin

Beautiful studio with a calming energy and lovely yoga teacher.

Hollie Mckimmie

Amazing, fun, creative yoga studio. Loved my yoga class with Claire, she was very engaging, fun and encouraging. Highly recommend 👌

Onne Beauty

This new studio is beautiful. Lots of natural light. Great vibe and energy in the studio. Claire is a wonderfully energetic and extremely knowledgeable instructor. I love that she actively walks around the class and assists you into the correct postures so you get the most out of the poses and class as a whole. I also love that it’s a strong class where I feel I have worked out, yet calm at the same time.

Meghan Allen

I am a bit of a yoga novice but LOVED the fast pace class here. It was such a great workout and Clare the instructor took the time to help me with positioning throughout the class and making sure I felt comfortable. I’ll definitely be back 🙂

Neill Stuart

I thought I would try this new yoga studio because it is close to where I live and I must say it was fantastic and exceeded expectations. Claire and co cater for all yoga abilities from pros to near beginners like myself. The atmosphere is very welcoming and I will certainly be back.

Emma Saville

BRAVE yoga is incredible! Claire is a ray of sunshine. The classes at BRAVE are so accessible, I feel so comfortable and supported without having to be a die hard yogi. There’s a fantastic blend of strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Claire makes sure you’re holding your poses correctly to and reminds you to breathe haha! I adore my Saturday mornings at BRAVE. 😀


BRAVE Yoga is a fantastic addition to North Fitzroy. The team have created a beautiful studio and a really warm, welcoming and supportive environment. Claire’s classes are a delight in a wonderful environment. I’m looking forward to developing my practice and being a part of the community at BRAVE!

Lisa W

Love isn’t a word to be thrown around… but I have to say I absolutely LOVE Brave Yoga and Claire as an instructor. Walking in, the space has such a calm and friendly vibe. A lot of care has gone into the design and it feels like a little sanctuary from the busy world outside. The class was a great balance of physically challenging and some nice long holds (couple mins in half pigeon = perfection). Temperature was nice and warm (maybe around 28 degrees) so enough to be really comfortable but not leave you dripping in sweat! Claire is amazing – such a soothing voice, so positive and encouraging. You’ll fall in love with her as much as with the studio. All I can say is you have to try a yoga class at Brave!

 Hayley Randles

What a fantastic yoga class! Claire is an amazing instructor who’s passion is highlighted through her amazing teaching methods and beautiful energy. As a beginner I felt completely at ease and left with a huge smile on my face. Thankyou Claire! I’ll be back again.

Anne Honeyman

My fist yoga session at BRAVE Yoga was amazing. I have been in and out of yoga studios for years and eventually decided that with my wrist and leg injuries that it wasn’t for me. Claire is a highly skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher. There is a deep sense of care and passion for what she does, providing a great sense of trust. She made sure that I was bending into the postures correctly to eliminate any further injuries, and providing me with some tools to take home to strengthen my weak wrists. With her warm personality and cheeky laugh , every class is bound to make you smile after you walk out of the BRAVE yoga studio. Thanks Claire for brightening up my Saturday morning, looking forward to our next class!



Week of 15/12/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Min (Beginner) – Shannon Casey

Great class! Really enjoyed the teacher.

Week of 24/11/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Minutes – Rohima 

Rohima is an amazing teacher thank you for a tough but beautiful class

Week of 17/11/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Minutes – Vicky 

Lovely, pretty studio and friendly warm staff

Week of 10/11/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Minutes – Vicky 

Lovely class and studio! Can’t wait to go back 🙂

Week of 03/11/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Minutes – Bronte 

Great class. Perfect temperature for hot yoga and a good sequencing of asanas

Week of 27/10/2019

Hot Power Yoga 60 Minutes – Jasmine 

This class was great for those at any skill level in yoga, a very casual approach to the practice and a beautiful studio. Unfortunately class pass isn’t paying the studio when they have students take their class which is disappointing to hear about class pass