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Pre-&-Post Natal Yoga 4 Week Course: Starts 11 Jan @ $100 ($25 per class)

Handstands Beginners Workshop, with Sundi Subi, Feb 2020, 2 hours @ $70

Beginners Yoga Workshop, with Claire Brien, Feb 2020, 2 hours @ $50

Workshop, with Dylan Ayaloo, Dec 2020, 2 Hours @ $75

Hands On Assisting Course, with Dylan Ayaloo, Dec 2020 @ $638

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Want to get to know other mothers in your area? Want to build a local support network and work on staying strong and bendy through your pregnancy? Well this could be for you!
Dates: Saturday 11 Jan, 18 Jan, 01 Feb, 08 Feb 2020 (4 Saturdays)
Time: 12.30-1.30 PM
Length: 1 hour 
No heaters
Teacher: Vicky Arklie (trained in pre-&-post natal yoga)
Price: $100 for 4 classes ($25 per class)
We are keeping the class small so you get lots of assistance from our well-trained teacher.
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. Please email us @ to pre-pay to take part.

Optional coffee/lunch after: To help build a nice local community, we would also encourage you all to go for a tea / lunch locally afterwards to build a nice community of supporting mothers around you in Fitzroy North! A nice cafe that is child friendly is ‘Park St’

The Brave Team


Price: $50

Date: TBC Saturday (February 2020)

Time: 1PM-3PM

Teacher: Claire Brien, Co-Founder of BRAVE Yoga Australia

Who is this for?

Anyone who is beginning their yoga journey and wants to ensure proper technique during their yoga practice. The goal of this workshop is for students to feel comfortable and confident to attend a yoga class and practice key postures safely. We recommend anyone new to BRAVE yoga studio and to yoga in general to do this course. This workshop can even be for regular practitioners of yoga, who want to improve their yoga performance and technique.

Learn how to;

·       Break-down and detailed explanation of correct alignment in each posture in both Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B series

·       Explanation and practice of a ‘Vinyasa’ safely with proper technique and adaptions according to level / injuries

·       Clarify and practice the foundational ‘fire yoga breath’ otherwise known as Ujjayi breath (the main breath used during Hot Power Yoga)

·       Explain correct engagement of muscles and cues such as; ‘relax the neck’, ‘engage the feet’, ‘telescope the ribs’, ‘pelvic tilt’ and why these are important in a safe yoga practice.


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Booking is essential: Please email us to book your space:


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Come and train with Sundi Suby, a professional Hand-standing genius! Sundi taught me how to handstand, and I am forever grateful! Due to his great teaching skill-set, I am extremely excited for him to be teaching a workshop at BRAVE! Come and learn from a pro!

Date: TBC Saturday (Feb 2020)

Time: 12.30-2.30PM 

Price: $70

Who is this Workshop for?

Anyone who is interested in beginning their handstand journey! If you can already hold a handstand for 30 seconds against a wall, this is for you!

What will I learn?

  • Eliminate the fear of falling over with one simple manoeuvre
  • Strengthen the wrists, shoulders and body for faster progression and safety
  • Learn to kick up into and balance a solid handstand
  • Learn simple drills to correct alignment and achieve a straight handstand shape (which is the foundation for further progression and more advanced skills)
  • Learn to increase the time you can hold a handstand and build the confidence and skill necessary to leave the wall behind and be able to handstand anywhere

Prerequisite: 30s handstand against the wall 

Bookings essential, so we have enough numbers to run the workshop!

To book: email 

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Date: TBC 2020

Time: 7.45PM-9.45PM

Where: BRAVE Yoga, 732 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North, 3068 VIC

What is it? 2 hours Yoga Assisting Masterclass with Dylan Ayaloo, leading UK yoga teacher. This workshop will equip you with the foundational understanding of the power of touch, steps in utilising assisting techniques in your classes, and learning how to empower your students and their practice. Dylan teaches in a fun, playful, accessible and masterful way that is sure to leave you feeling empowered. Come and take your yoga assisting journey to the next level with a truly international teacher. 

Investment: $75 AUD

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When: TBC 2020

Where: BRAVE Yoga, 732 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North, 3068 VIC

About: Dylan Ayaloo, one of UK’s top yoga teachers will teach you the power of touch, how to empower your students practices and elevate your teaching to a new level. Suitable for regular yoga practitioners (non-yoga teachers) or new and experienced yoga teachers. 

Time: 8am-6pm each day

Investment: $638 AUD 

What to expect: Listen to Dylan Alyoo talk about his assisting course here

Bookings Essential: Please book here

About Dylan Ayaloo:

Dylan Ayaloo is a London-based international yoga teacher and founder of Hot Power Yoga (LLiV) studio in London. Dylan has led life-transforming yoga teacher training programs, mentoring programs, workshops and classes for over 10 years.

Dylan is personally for me, one of the best yoga teachers I have experienced, and I am SO excited to be bringing him to BRAVE Yoga in Melbourne! This is a rare opportunity to learn from a true international yoga expert. Dylan’s assisting technique and teaching style is phenomenal at allowing you to excel your teaching (or personal practice) to the next level.

What will I learn?

This training will deepen your understanding of structural balance and how to assist students to re-align or deepen their practice in a safe and healthy way. You will learn and practice in real-life classes, the art of hands-on-assisting and how to unlock tension in the body, which helps students to deepen their breath and experience of a pose. This course is aimed to accelerate your teaching capabilities by expanding the support and offering you can provide to your students in your classes.

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