Brave Yoga offers in-person, live streaming and on-demand classes online!

So you get the Brave Yoga vibes from home, or the studio! Flexible memberships, for a more flexible you!

COVID19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Current classes are not heated and will be at a comfortable room temperature due to further notice (safety precaution for COVID19). Please bring your own yoga mat and props to class (blocks, blankets, bolsters). See our full COVID SAFE precautions here.


Power Yoga (All levels)
Our dynamic 60 min power yoga classes are practised to modern music with a playful vibe. We aim to build strength and flexibility throughout your body, and leave you feeling strong, realigned and relaxed.
You’ll be guided through a series of yoga ‘vinyasa’ style poses synchronised with your breath, to gradually open your body and melt away tension. The Brave Yoga teacher will give options for the foundation version of poses, and also encourage those who want to develop their practice to be playful and try modifications. 
Power Yoga (Beginners)
These 60 min beginner’s level classes cover the foundational yoga postures at a slower pace, focusing on correct technique. The Brave Yoga teacher will explain the power of breath and yoga poses as a form of ‘moving meditation.’ This will help you understand the foundation connection of movement of body and breath, and how this can help you connect to our body and relax the mind. No matter your experience, these classes are a perfect opportunity to start or advance your journey! These friendly approachable classes are not only suitable for beginners, but also the more experienced yogi will also benefit by stepping back and focusing on foundational alignment.
Yin Yoga (All Levels)
Yin yoga is a nourishing, mindful, slow practice to target the deep layers of the facia (connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and runs the whole length of the body). You will experience long holds for myofascial release, deep stretch, relaxation and mindful movement. Longer holds enable you to increase your long-term flexibility faster than practising a normal vinyasa class. We encourage the use of props – bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to deepen your yin experience. Come and stretch, release, and rejuvenate your body!  
Brave Pilates (All levels)

To help our Yogi’s get stronger, we offer this Pilates class to target core and glute activation. Expect a targeted class to build strength in the back and abs (core) and hips, to give you the stability to be stronger in all aspects of your life activities.


Brave Stretch (All levels)

Brave Stretch is a recovery class that will compliment running, cycling or a regular Power Yoga practice. These classes focus primarily on increasing flexibility, holding poses longer and giving options to deepen your experience. Stetch out those tired muscles to help you feel rejuvenated and rested for getting on with your best life. Having yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets and pillows available for these classes is recommended for maximum comfort.


As a member you will also access hundreds of hours of bonus exercises classes, meditation classes, pranayama classes (breathwork) available on-demand.
Brave Breath (All levels)
These classes are focused around breathing techniques and meditation to help you relax. Pranayama / Yoga breathing is the practice of breath control. It is one of the most important parts of yoga, and is a great exercise for physical and mental wellness. In Sanskrit, “prana” means life energy and “yama” means control. Essentially prana-yama means control over your own life energy.
Forrest Yoga (All levels)

Taught in a warm room, Forrest Yoga is a dynamic, strength based practice. Expect long holds in postures, an opportunity to connect to the core of your body, and an emphasis on breathing deeply. Forrest Yoga works with intelligent sequencing to build strength and increase flexibility, whilst releasing tension throughout the body. Forrest Yoga is a grounding and healing practice suitable for all levels of practitioner, including those working with injury. 

Brave Sculpt (All levels)
This is a Brave special class, mixing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), light weights and yoga movements to sculpt your body into a stronger and leaner physique. The goal of this class is to support your strength and help you advance your yoga practice. Have some light weights available and be ready to have some fun, move and sweat!
We hope to see you on the mat soon!
The Brave Team