FREE Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (25 Mins)

OK, times are getting a little crazy!
Let’s take a breath, and try and relax. This panic is definitely not helping our immune system, which is our best defence mechanism. 
We hope you enjoy our FREE Brave Yoga guided 25 minute Yoga Nidra meditation. The intention of providing this for free, is to allow people to relax and recover during high-stress periods or anxiety. 
Yoga Nidra means ‘Yoga sleep’ – The goal is to be in-between wakeful awareness and a sleeping state. What this means in real terms, is you are aware of the sound of my voice, but you are in a blissful state. If you fall asleep, it doesn’t matter either – you can’t do this wrong! So find a comfortable spot and position, close your eyes and get ready to relax! 
Please note: At the end of 25 minutes you are brought back to wakeful alertness. So this can be used either to help you sleep before bed, or during the day if you need a little relaxation before getting on with your day.
CREDIT: Voice is Claire Brien. Video created by the amazing Rory Sturdy @ in collaboration with

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