My Handstand Journey – What I did and how I got there

I have had a consistent yoga practice now for around 7 years. For all of this time, I had my heart on one day wanting to get into handstand….

But I kept kicking up, and falling over….  I never REALLY improved, no matter how hard I tried in my yoga classes. 

Then I met Sundi, and I did his 6 week handstand course. Within a month my handstand practice changed forever. Within a few months I was nailing handstands, and now, after all this time of falling over, I can hold a straight handstand for 1 minute, and also a wide leg handstand (image above).

I am a structured person and I needed someone to give me tools and routines that I can implement to allow me to achieve my goals. Sundi gave me this and I am forever grateful.

Sundi is not only an awesome handstand teacher, but an all-round amazing human. I now teach some of his techniques for handstands and it has changed my knowledge and understanding around the anatomy of handstands.

Sundi comes to the Brave studio every now-and-again to teach handstands too, so look out for his workshops!

I have learned so much, and I am excited to share my wonderful leanings with you all!

FREE Handstand Technique Based Yoga Class

I am so happy to give you this gift of a free 1 hour handstand technique yoga class.

This is implementing some basic handstand techniques into a Power flow.

I hope you enjoy this session! Shoot us a message, or take a picture and post /tag us on instagram! 

Big love,


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